Janki’s shuchi is devoted towards supplying nourished and top-notch quality food products. Ayurveda evolves within the doshas called Vata, pitta and kapha.

Shuchi believes that all the fresh and hygienic products make their route towards healthier lifestyle. 

Ayurveda is a major part of individual’s life, without individual being aware of it. Every product needs to be examined and curated with expertise of nature and authenticity. 

Janki brings you the best of ayurveda products to enhance your lifestyle and diet. 

Ayurveda brings sustainability and consistency to the table. With ayurvedic tips and trick, one can live the fulfilled and peaceful life as it balances the physical as well as mental state of body and soul.

Janki’s shuchi tipnis are the saviour you were looking for as they can make your lifestyle so easy and healthy in a peculiar way.


Nuska 1:

If you are facing any kind of itching, take a wood pressed coconut oil and add bhimsen kapur, you’ll feel relieved in a span of 3-5 mins after applying. A best way to get relief from mosquito bites or any other reaction of itching.

Nuska 2:

A great tip which can do wonders for your body, when you wake up in morning take wood pressed coconut oil and fill it in your mouth without eating anything early morning. It’ll help you to get rid of any residue of smoke, tobacco or other intoxicated substance. Use this for a week and you can see the difference, how all the blisters are healing.

Nuska 3:

Whenever you are experiencing any kind of pain in stomach, to get rid of it make a paste of hing and apply it on your stomach gently except the area of navel(nabhi). The pain will start vanishing completely within 5-10 mins. This tips and tricks can make you healthier and strong💪

Nuska 4:

When you feel that stomach is reacting up and it is disturbed and you need to go to loo again and again, take a ginger and make a juice out of it. Fill that juice into the navel area of your stomach. It’ll help to clear your stomach and loose motions can also be cured.

Nuska 5:

To cure cold and cough, take one spoon of pure sarso ka wood pressed oil and add 4 finely chopped garlic cloves, boil the oil and use it at night before sleeping into your nose 👃 this ‘nuksa’ is a perfect remedy for your cold and coughs and works as a miracle.

Nuska 6:

With winter comes dry skin, to get rid of it is any day a good riddance. To heal the crackness, use wood pressed coconut oil and massage it on your body gently, after doing so sit in sunlight as it absorbs the oil miraculously and do wonders.


Gain the knowledge of life and body with us.

‘Where there is ayurveda, there is richness of life’