Save Soil


Save Our mother- the soil

‘Lend a hand to save the land with us’

Nowadays, hybrid and research variety are majorly used for crop production. Hybrid variety cause low ferility of soil and leads to depletion of our mother nature. SHUCHI only deals with the desi varieties i.e native and traditional seeds which instead of deteriorating, enriches the soil quality. Also, farmers are now forced to grow hybrid due to the growing demand of it, as society not being aware of its consequences. Our brand helps in boosting the demand of those native seeds by employing skilled farmers to grow desi varieties , which ultimately helps in improvising soil quality.

The soil is magic on the earth, doing great wonders.

The riches of life, soil is the soul of all the lives on earth. Don’t turn this magic in tragic . our land needs to be preserved like a treasured gold in a vault.

Janki makes sure to take a good care of our motherland by sowing desi seeds.  native variety are produced with utmost goodness of natural fertilizers and cow dungs instead of pesticides as chemical fertilizers results in the deterioration of soil.

In the modern world, soil erosion is a developing issue since soil is being lost and drained at an alarming rate as a result of changing climatic circumstances including strong rain and wind. All types of plant development, both wild and developed, depend on topsoil, which is normally lost through two processes: wind erosion and runoff from precipitation or excessive watering. By adhering to these recommendations, you may protect the soil around your house and garden and make sure that it continues to be friendly to plant life.