Our Story

The formation of this company beholds the fascinating and inspiring tale. Let’s take a dive in it.

Sanjay Thakur formed a company named 'JANKI'S SEED AND RESEARCH PVT. LTD' in 2002 wherein he provided seeds to the farmer, so that farmers grow the desi/native varieties of those seeds. Native seeds are traditional or indigenous seeds that are produced or grown naturally under particular region or climate. The aim to produce native seed was because it has real taste 'harr daane mein hai dadi ke haath ka swaad'. Sanjay thakur's motive was not merely gaining profit but to provide natural and nutritive crops and seeds to the society benefitting farmers and people both. Sanjay thakur lend hand to 100 farmers and local entrepreneurs to flourish their business in order to maximize social wealth for our farmer's community. Unfortunately ,farmers started facing barriers in selling those seeds into the market. To overcome this problem, our team came up with solution of directly selling finished products instead of raw materials. Our finished products majorly includes oil and other natural products like flour, spices, jaggery, sweeteners, ghee and cosmetic oil.

Currently our plant is based at Akola, Maharashtra. The manufacturing of all the products into finished natural goods happens there. The processing of all the organic products of JANKI'SSHUCHI takes place with utmost sincerity and dedication to provide our customers with the original and real taste in their food. Various hygienic and in-detailed steps are carried out to make the best of our natural products.