Do you have into you what it takes to create a sustainable and healthy difference in the world by joining hands with Janki’s Shuchi? 

Shuchi believes in traditional-ity, seasonal and regionality of product to provide our customers the experience of authenticity. Janki’s story is a vision which is now a mission of every team member to turn into reality. The originality of our products and embracement of desi native seeds is what makes us stand out. To break the barriers, more support is always a necessity. To add a new member in the family of Janki’s Shuchi is always a pleasure.


Here are the few positions which are open in our firm:

Sales executive

Are you the one who can make the impossible possible with your communication skills? To sell a product with sincerity and excellences requires creativity and sharpness. If you think you have it, what are you waiting for? Send us your CV @  



If you’re a pro when it comes to playing with Numbers and have required bachelor degree for accountant, submit your resume @  An accountant should have good set of skills and brain when it comes to handling company’s account. 


Digital marketing

digital world is all what world is about now. If showcased your creativity and product perfectly, business can reach skies. Do you feel you are the one who can help to make us reach there through the virtual lens? Can you present the brand’s authenticity and motto on social media and e-commerce? If yes, send your CV @   


Performance marketing

To engage with our marketing, content, business development, and product management teams and advance our product, we are now seeking a performance marketing manager. To be successful in this position, you should have previous experience in a development or performance job, have an analytical approach, and be able to use your creativity to solve challenges. Send us your CV @