Regional, Seasonal and Traditional

The mantra of ‘JANKI’S SHUCHI’ is regional, seasonal and traditional.  The motto has the element of ancestor's wisdom. Our brand believes in inheriting  the brilliance of our forefathers to our customers. The culture and resources safeguarded by the heirlooms for their future generation needs to be bloomed in a fruitful direction, bringing justice to their thoughtfulness.

Portrayal Of Region:

The region has a severe impact in the ecosystem of individual. Certain resources are specific to certain locality. The taste, the quality and the presence of regional purity is what makes a product outshine from several other products. Crop should always be grown in a neighbourhood which is most suitable for it. Janki has the remembrance of its original essence in each of its product to make our customer experience the real feels and taste of the tropical it is famous and fit for. Our product gives the feel of Kashmiri chills, the fragrance of the soil it is grown at and the taste of ritual purity.

The seasonal impact:

The seasons fill up the measure of year. Weather has a great significance in the production of crops and seeds. Different seeds are sown in different timeline to enrich the nutritional properties and to bring out the originality of taste. Shuchi strongly believes in providing the best seasonal products to its consumers.


Embracement of traditions:

 The roots of culture and traditions makes 'JANKI'S SHUCHI' stand out boldly . The traditions and culture shows the respect towards ancestors and reciprocates their wisdom in a form of the products. Our processing unit carries out, ancient original practices for the qualitative and pure production of products. Our company beholds strong ethics and shine those value onto others through the light of our products.


JANKI enhances the regional presence in the products, touching the seasonal-wise suitability and practices the traditional methods to bring out goodness of naturalness and originality.