‘Production is not the application of tools to materials,but logic to work.’

A very detailed and precise formation and infrastructure of the plant is formed with all the basic amenities taken care of. The manufacturing unit is based at Akola, Maharashtra.

Manufacturing unit has area of 10,000 sq ft and warehouse of 80,000 sq ft. The entry and exit of raw materials and people are segregated to safeguard materials from dust and pollution.

All the departments are divided in order to handle different activities with detailed processing and maintained hygienic system. In warehouse, different racks are formed for different raw materials and are numbered specifically.

The division of rack is done under the following categories:Raw materials

  1. Finished goods
  2. Semi-finished goods
  3. Packing materials

Our company follows good manufacturing practices(GMP). In GMP, the formation of manufacturing unit is placed systematically. GMP is a system which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to the quality standards. They help ensure the proper design, monitoring, and control of the manufacturing processes and facilities

The plant is divided into mentioned below sub-departments:

  • Storage
  • Meditation unit
  • Oil formation department
  • Wheat flour processing department
  • Ghee formation department
  • Spices department
  • Laboratory/ lab unit test