A seed procured in a gold alike soil, strengthening the roots of tradition and soil of our region.

‘you reap what you sow’ 

‘Janki’s Shuchi’ provides seed to skilled farmers wherein they grow the high native quality with the help of traditional methods. The aim to produce native seed was because it has real taste 'harr daane mein hai dadi ke haath ka swaad'. Our brand strongly believes in providing natural and nutritive crops to the society benefitting farmers and people both. 

Growing the perfect and high quality seed outcomes in qualitative production of the final product. Seeds are base of the life of food products, for it to be natural, procurement of it should be at its finest. Our brand deals with desi/indigenous seeds. The seeds are selected on the testimony of region. The suitability of region and its season speaks about the attribute of crop as well as its nature. In ancient India, indigenous variety were highly produced hence, the long lasting life of our ancestors.

 In 21st century, chemically-produced type and hybrid diversification has ruined the staple diet of a common man. Many problems such as cholesterol, diabetes, health-related diseases occurs from the unhealthy base of crop.

Sanjay Thakur, the founder and director of janki’s shuchi formed a company named 'JANKI'S SEED AND RESEARCH PVT. LTD' in 2002 wherein he provided seeds to the farmer, so that farmers grow the desi/native varieties of those seeds. He did that to multiply the production of native varieties as hybrid were in so demand that soon will come a time that hybrid seeds will destroy the mother nature of earth. To own and eat desi varieties help in nurturing oneself which hybrid was depleting. Sanjay thakur has worked as an employee in seed companies for 8 years which made him realise how the need of indigenous was require to nourish society and to save the quality of food.  Sanjay thakur lend hand to 100 farmers and local entrepreneurs to flourish their business in order to maximize social wealth for our farmer's community. Unfortunately ,farmers started facing barriers in selling those seeds into the market. To overcome this problem, our team came up with small solution of directly selling finished products instead of raw materials to stimulate demand for farmers. Our finished products majorly includes oil and other natural products like flour, spices, jaggery, sweeteners, ghee and cosmetic oil. 

‘If the root of tree is not watered accurately, the tree will never be strong enough to survive’.

Do you ever wonder what made our grandparents a powerhouse of energy? It was the source of energy itself i.e food. The source of the food was made up of indigenous seeds, but now it’s a long memory. With our brand, you can light up your food with 100% natural seeds.

Let’s Know more about indigenous seeds; firstly, what is indigenous seeds?

Indigenous seeds are also known as traditional seeds, which are grown naturally in particular country or climate. These are selected and managed by local people in the local growing environment.

  • it contain high nutritional values and used for various purposes like food, medicine, fuel, fertilizer and many more.
  • Indigenous seeds positively affect soil health as it does not deplete soil quality. Traditional methods and cow dungs, natural fertilisers are used in farming process.

In today’s time, hybrid seeds are used to produce crops which are becoming slow poison to our food as they are germinated through forced management unlike indigenous seeds that are grown under natural conditions. To understand it better,

Hybrid seeds are those seeds which are produced through cross-pollination wherein two varieties of same plants are crossed-in, taking the pollen from the male flower of one plant and transferring it to the female flower parts of a different plant. When the ovary of the female flower is pollinated it begins to bloom a fruit, the seed in that fruit/flower is known as hybrid seed.

Everything you randomly take out of a grocery shop display rack is probably a hybrid since genetically modified foods and hybrids have been so successful in permeating our food chain.

We urgently need to raise awareness of the value of selecting organically grown or organic produce with indigenous seeds from India and educate ourselves on this topic.

It is essential to revaluate what we eat .

Someone once stated that we have the opportunity to nurture ourselves each and every time we eat.