Positive Energy


In essence, everything is energy.

The world and its elements revolve around energies. Janki’s shuchi believes in embracing positive spirits, reflecting positivity on their products and services. Transfer of positiveness through one being/object to another is the fundamental law of energy.

You might me wondering, how our brand makes it remark on positive energy?

Let me disclose the exclusive department of our manufacturing unit, ‘meditation centre’.

Our manufacturing unit (addressed as plant as well) includes meditation centre wherein all the workers, staff, managers and other colleagues are gathered around in safe peaceful accommodation, to make them forget all the worries. They perform meditation in a form of chanting of mantra, silent prayers, relaxation of their inner being so that even if there’s any kind of chaotic state of mind or worries, mediation aids to calm it down. Once their morning prayers and meditation is done, they perform their work with utmost sincerity and positive mindset which ultimately reflects their positivity on brand’s product and services. In the manufacturing unit, mantras and prayers of high frequency is played through sound system when the work is also being conducted. Not only this, on Sunday, special meditation sessions are held wherein not only employees but customers are also a part of it. 

Positive energy works when inner soul of any being is calm and peaceful. To achieve and  adapt it in your daily spheres, meditation is key. Meditation helps in making a human being realise their utmost presence. The presence of self is good positivity at its most.

'Spread The Positivity'