A sustainable approach

Our brand aim towards approaching sustainability. To use our natural resources and to fully optimise it, without any exploitation is our JANKI’s first concern. We make sure that our products are environment as well as pocket friendly. To adapt sustainability is the most important step that every brand/company should take, as taking care of earth, respecting natural resources and to save for our future generation is a humanitarian responsibility.  

Approaches to serve our mother-earth:

  1. Native seeds- our brand deals with desi/native varieties of seeds which do not exploit the soil or diminish its quality. Native seeds are the locally grown seeds which aids the soil and safeguard its nutritional properties.
  1. Organic farming- organic farming strives on sustainability. Shuchi  performs organic farming for its food products. Organic farming is the ultimate future of agriculture. Organic farming do not use synthetic or chemical fertilizers. It promotes the use of natural substances and products while farming.
  1. Sunlight : a source of seed drying- our brand only uses sunlight as a source for seed-drying process. Seed drying is often done through machine or sheets which is again an unnecessary exploitation of our natural products.
  1. Water harvesting- the water requirements in our manufacturing unit is fulfilled through water harvesting, a storage of 1l is constructed for water harvesting wherein water is stored to use it after.
  1. Biogas- biogas or gobar gas is an environment friendly, renewable energy source. Our brand uses biogas to produce its own heat.
  1. Solar energy- solar panels and solar energy is used to create our own electricity. A sustainable approach for producing electricity.
  1. Citronella plants- citronella plants repel mosquitoes and insect. A set up of citronella plants is done in our manufacturing unit to repel mosquitoes instead of mosquito killing spray, tubes, etc.

In everywhere and every way possible, Janki’s shuchi puts a thought in creating sustainability and to save our earth.