Wood Pressed Safflower Oil

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Size: 1L

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TRADITIONALITY: 100% Natural & Pure, Our Cold Pressed Safflower oil is 100% pure and natural & Our carrier oils are cold pressed as against cheap expeller/hot pressed oils. So, the extraction is all natural as it doesn’t involve heat.

REGIONAL: Safflower oil is originated at HUBLI, KARANTAKA.

SEASONAL: winters


Excellent for cooking: Safflower oil is good for Cooking, can be taken with Salads. It is also good for Skin Care, and can be used as a Massage oil as it is Rich in Vitamin E & K.


Janki’s Shuchi Cold pressed Safflower oil for Cooking has No Chemicals, No Preservatives, Zero Cholesterol, Zero Trans fats, Zero Sodium. We assure the 100% natural quality and healthy for cooking.


Our Safflower Kusum oil comes with tremendous health benefits, which includes fighting inflammation and it may improves blood sugar levels.


PREMIUM QUALITY GUARANTEED - All JANKI Products with our Cold pressed safflower oil made under ISO and FSSAI certified Facility. with most hygienic and 1000 years old primitive oil extraction method to ensure Absolutely ZERO Chemicals or Impurities Gets into any products (We Love our Customers, your Health is our TOP PRIORITY)





We are Janki Organic Foods, a smart Agro company that believes in the goodness of nature. Janki refers to goddess Sita from Ramayana who was born from the mother earth. Our products Shuchi, meaning the taste of ritual purity, is the best mixture of Nature & Tradition. In an industrial age, where mass production is the norm, quality is often compromised to such extreme standards that consumers are unaware of what really goes into their food. To meet demands at low costs, products are heavily adulterated and the busy consumer is caught unawares. We strongly believe that our future lies in the past. We adopt eco-friendly practices that build and sustain the delicate ecological balance of Mother Nature. By making conscious efforts, we ensure every single process and practice of ours is in harmony with the environment. What we take, we give back. The by-products are safe and used as cattle fodder or compost thus going back to nourish the very source it came from. Product Details: SHUCHI COLD PRESSED SAFFLOWER OIL 500 ML Irresistible taste, ready for direct consumption ZERO TRANS FATS Manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility Smoke Point ~ 350 F Improve your and your loved ones health Click Add To Cart to order Shuchi Cold pressed Safflower oil for a better you today!