Organic Wood Pressed Black Sesame Oil

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TRADITION- Our organic black sesame oil is extracted from the best of sesame seeds that are crushed using the Kachhi Ghani or chekku process making it a pure wood pressed black sesame oil. The result is a natural oil with no preservatives/no chemicals that helps retain antioxidants, nutrients and natural goodness of the oil.

REGION- The origin of  black sesame seeds is from SAURASHTRA, GUJARAT. Our oil is made from the finest sesame to bring health onto your platter.

SEASON- the season for black sesame oil is winters.


HEALTHY ORGANIC COOKING OIL: This pure organic black sesame oil is filled with vitamin E and antioxidants. It consists of monosaturated fatty acids that maintains natural cholesterol levels and is thus good for the immune system and overall health. When used for cooking, it gives a mild rich nutty flavour to the food. This oil is the best choice for the kitchen.

It is used on skin and hair as well, it reduces dandruff when applied on scalp. It promotes glowing skin and helps in healing skin. Sesame seeds help the skin remain warm and moist. 


  • It improves blood pressure and decreases oxidation in the body.
  • Aids in hair growth
  • Helps in bone growth
  • Nourishes brain and slow down aging


  • VIRGIN BLACK SESAME OIL WITH RICH FLAVOUR: The black sesame used in our oils has a strong aroma and flavor. It is used as a finishing oil that adds a nutty and toasty flavor to a cold or hot dish.
  • BLACK SESAME OIL PACKED IN A GLASS BOTTLE: Shuchi’s black sesame oil is stored in glass bottles so that the oil is not damaged by the inert nature of glass or by the toxic plastic chemicals that oils are usually stored in.




Shuchi as a brand has been acknowledged with certificates from India Organic, USDA Organic, EU Organic, ISO22000:2018, ISO 90001:2015, IEC and FSSAI. We are Shuchi, a name that believes in natural extraction of oils and other food products. We are into the seed and oil business since the last 18 years and are well aware of the diverse varieties of seeds used. We use the most traditional yet reliable method of extracting oils. Our seeds are farm sourced and hand cleaned, are treated with the traditional chekku method and our oil is then poured in glass bottles. Our black sesame oil is suitable for all types of cooking – shallow frying, sautéing, as a dressing etc. Only finest quality sesame seeds are used to make the Shuchi black sesame oil. The wood pressed unrefined oil can add a subtle flavor to any dish at the same time is cholesterol free and is heart healthy.