Organic Wood Pressed Mustard Oil

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Size: 1 L

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TRADITIONALITY- FARM FRESH SEEDS FOR ORGANIC MUSTARD OIL: We source our seeds from farms whose soil is frequently nourished with the best of nutrients and supplements.


SEASONAL: winter



COLD PRESS EXTRACTION: We coldpress the mustard seeds in a wooden kolhu at a very low temperature. This ensures that all the nutrients in the oil remain unharmed. We then sieve filter the mustard oil. This makes the woodpressed mustard oil a pure organic oil with no preservatives and no chemicals. It remains a virgin and natural healthy cooking oil full of nutrients.



  • Shuchi Kachi Ghani Mustard oil contains less than 50% of Saturated fats.
  • It is rich in monosaturated fatty acids making it a heart-friendly oil and perfect for a balanced diet.
  • The monounsaturated fatty acids are fats that may help to maintain “good cholesterol” in the body.
  • This unrefined mustard oil also has the optimum ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that boost immunity greatly.



Our cold pressed oil is an all-in-one solution for all your cooking needs. Shuchi mustard oil is ideal for deep frying, sautéing and stir frying. The aromatic flavour of this virgin mustard oil makes it perfect for heating spices to give a nice tadka. It has culinary as well as therapeutic uses. It gives a definite taste to pickles, satisfying your cravings for spicy-ness.


We are Shuchi, a name that believes in the natural extraction of oils and other food products. We are into the seed and oil business for the last 18 years and are well aware of the diverse varieties of seeds used. Shuchi as a brand has been acknowledged with certificates from India Organic, USDA Organic, EU Organic, ISO22000:2018, ISO 90001:2015, IEC and FSSAI. We use the most traditional yet reliable method of extracting oils. Our seeds are farm-sourced and hand cleaned, treated with the traditional chekku method, and our oil is poured into glass bottles. Our mustard oil is suitable for all types of cooking – shallow frying, sautéing, as a dressing etc. Only the finest quality mustard seeds are used to make the Shuchi mustard oil. The wood-pressed unrefined oil can add a subtle flavour to any dish at the same time is cholesterol-free and heart-healthy.