October 10, 2022

Qualities of oil


To look for a healthy oil in market , you should first know what oil is.

 An oil is any non polar chemical substance that is composed primarily of hydrocarbons and is both hydrophobic that does not mix with water, literally "water fearing" and lipophilic that mixes with other oils, literally "fat loving". A combustible substances that are liquid or can be liquefied easily on warming, are soluble in ether but not in water, and leave a greasy stain on paper or cloth.

The other important thing one should look for is non-refined oil/cold pressed oil, the one which has not gone through redundant processing. Cold pressed oil also called 'Kachi Ghani' retains most of the nutrients and is high in flavors; flavorsome oil Refined oil is an unhealthy oil which has gone through almost 20 steps of processing oil.

Refined oil is hot pressed oil heated under the range of around 200 Degree Celsius. When any substance is heated up it starts losing its original properties, while processing refined oil it is left with bare minimum nutritive properties and invites many health related diseases. Refined oil after being processed is nothing but a sticky greasy substance which avoid matters to stick on vessels or anything you don't want it to stick onto.

Oil should consist of nutrients, good fats- omega, monosaturated fats(MUFA) and polysaturated fats(PUFA). When an oil goes through refinement it loses all the healthy properties and leaves with unhealthy variants.

Fats are considered as negative word, a matter which leads to gaining weight. well, it is not true. Good fat is a necessity of body to survive and works as a source of energy into body. Fat contributes to satiety, a sense of fullness. According to mayo clinic, the body processes fats, along with proteins which helps you feel fuller and supports healthy weight. Fat is an essential nutrient and liquid fats like oils are an excellent source.

Olive oil is often considered as one of the best oil in cooking, but why?

  • Olive oil is rich in healthy monosaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are also quite resistant to high heat, making extra virgin olive oil a healthy choice for cooking.
  • It contains large amount of antioxidants.
  • Its beneficial fatty acids, it contains modest amounts of vitamins E and K.
  • Protective against heart disease.
  • Not associated with weight gain or obesity
  • Reduce diabetes risk

All these benefits are associated with olive oil because it is not gone through redundant processing, and it is mostly made using cold pressed oil method. But Spain accounts for almost half of the production of oil. Italy ,Greece and Portugal are other countries who are among the largest producing countries of olive oil.

Now let me light you up with some interesting talk,

To everyone reading this, you might be aware how the region we are bought up in affects the functioning of body and its adaption.

For example, people residing in north India consumes mustard oil as their major portion in cooking oil whereas people in south India consumes sesame and coconut oil. The reason behind this is the moderation of weather and climate. what you consume in a specific weather and how your body acts/functions after consuming it makes a lot of difference. Also, consuming food being produced in a country and under most appropriate soil also holds a great importance, after all it takes you back to your traditional roots. Added to it the smoke point for olive is lower as compared to mustard oil and thus it should not be used for deep frying.

Our brand deals with the most nutritive oil containing the elements that a oil should have, keeping up with seasonal and traditional essence of it, making it the most satisfactory fuel to your body.